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Nike Adapt BB Basketball Shoe with Clarino

Fri, February 01, 2019

Self-lacing shoes have been the dream of sneakerheads since Marty McFly first strapped them on in Back to the Future II. Until recently, the scope of technology and production had kept the sneakers from leaping off the big screen and into consumer hands. Now Nike has closed the cinematic gap with the Adapt BB basketball shoe.

Beyond the novelty of self-lacing, the Nike Adapt BB aims to calibrate stability with pinpoint precision, using mobile app data and a lacing engine built to withstand rigorous athletic impact. The advanced gadgetry requires upper materials that are just as resilient and responsive, which is why Nike turned to Clarino® microfiber leather.

Clarino® is an engineered, high-performance leather frequently used on statement-level products. It serves as the heel on the upper of the Adapt BB. Clarino® perfectly balances shape retention and flexibility, providing the lacing engine with a stable heel counter as it adapts to the changing shape of the foot during the game. It also allows for a stylish low-cut collar that doesn’t sacrifice stability or responsiveness.

Watch the Nike store for availability of the Nike Adapt BB, and discover more products built with the futuristic benefits of Clarino microfiber leather.