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Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast with Tirrenina

Fri, May 17, 2019

Born for pure speed, the Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast was designed for Breaking2, an initiative to help the world’s athletes shatter the two-hour barrier for marathon running. To achieve this groundbreaking velocity, the Zoom Fly SP Fast uses Nike’s signature Lunarlon midsole cushioning for responsiveness, as well as a strategically deconstructed upper for minimum bulk and lighter weight.

Tirrenina, a waterbased microfiber from Clarino, was the logical choice for the Zoom Fly SP Fast’s tongue, collar and quarter cage due to it’s strength at thinner gauges and superior color capabilities which were important with the Zoom Fly’s TPE transparent mesh upper. Tirrenina’s engineered benefits include a featherweight feel that does not sacrifice durability. A wide range of vibrant colors power the shoe’s many colorways. Its superior breathability, flexibility and shape retention make for miles of distraction-free running. The Tirrenina sustainable manufacturing process that reduces water by 70% and CO2 by 30% while eliminating the use of solvents in its microfiber production.

The Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast is available through the Nike online store. Discover more revolutionary shoes using Tirrenina and other Clarino microfiber leathers.