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A sample of the many innovative products and projects Matmarket works with on a daily basis

Insite® Precision Insoles

Fri, December 15, 2017

With Insite®, benefits begin with step one. Just as a sail’s tack angle determines its ability to optimize the wind’s power, Insite Insoles draw on the proprietary FCX Shape to maximize energy throughout the body’s gait cycle.  We collaborated with a team of podiatrists who serve the world’s leading athletes,…
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Arc’teryx Alpha MX Climbing Glove with AX Suede Raven

Wed, November 01, 2017

When Arc’teryx set out to create the Alpha MX climbing glove, they wanted a versatile palm material that would maximize function while maintaining the glove’s minimalist design. Matmarket presented Arc’teryx with AX Suede Raven, a synthetic leather made specifically for winter gloves. AX Suede Raven’s durable, lightweight construction sits close…
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Nike Kobe A.D. with Tirrenina Nubuck from Clarino

Tue, October 24, 2017

For Kobe Bryant, the science of basketball isn’t just about physicality; it’s also about psychology. The Kobe A.D. from Nike explores Bryant’s fascination with how color affects the human psyche with five evocative new colorways. Each shoe features a bold single-color design that embodies a specific trait of athletic excellence,…
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Carhartt Force using Insite Technology

Thu, August 03, 2017

We couldn’t be more pleased to introduce Carhartt’s Ground Force Work Boot, months in the making, made with an Insite Technology insole. Insite was born out of a gap between after market insoles available to consumers, and the orthotics that professional athletes use. We tapped into our partners at Footcare…
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Under Armour – Curry 4

Mon, July 03, 2017

On the heels of the Golden State Warriors’ championship win, we’ve gotten a sneak peek of the highly anticipated Curry 4 shoes by Under Armour. Debuted by Steph Curry in the NBA Finals, Under Armour has officially released the Curry 4, flaunting a sleeker and slightly higher-cut profile with its…
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