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Arc’teryx Alpha MX Climbing Glove with AX Suede Raven

Wed, November 01, 2017

When Arc’teryx set out to create the Alpha MX climbing glove, they wanted a versatile palm material that would maximize function while maintaining the glove’s minimalist design. Matmarket presented Arc’teryx with AX Suede Raven, a synthetic leather made specifically for winter gloves.

AX Suede Raven’s durable, lightweight construction sits close to the skin, maintaining warmth and providing the palm with a lock-on grip. Its moisture-wicking properties keep the Alpha MX sturdy against icy, slippery climbing surfaces. Combined with other high-performance glove materials, AX Suede Raven is ready-made to meet the challenges of cold-weather climbing.

The Arc’teryx Alpha MX glove is available through the Arc’teryx website. Learn more about AX Suede palm materials here.