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AX Materials x Chromag Gloves

Mon, March 30, 2020

The folks at Chromag are veteran riders with a serious penchant for bike production, as well as the apparel to match. This year Chromag launched their first riding gloves, the Habit and the Tact, built to accommodate the full spectrum of riding styles. For their inaugural gloves, Chromag wanted a palm material brand with a tried-and-true reputation and a versatile catalog. That’s why they turned to AX Materials.

The Chromag Habit is a minimalist design for increased grip and moisture wicking without too much extra bulk. The palm uses a lightweight Connect AX Material for intuitive touchscreen compatibility, with laser cut ventilation to aid the already breathable material.

Meanwhile, the Chromag Tact offers a bit more heft, maximizing protection against stray branches and other treacherous riding hazards. An AX Ritter palm with polyurethane honeycomb patterns gives it a relentless, tackier grip, wrapping further around the fingers for increased coverage.

Using the unique benefits of AX Materials, the Chromag Habit and Tact have made their debut, smashing trails with confidence and control. Find the glove range on the Chromag website, and explore other gloves powered by AX Materials.