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AX Materials x Pearl iZUMi

Wed, February 12, 2020

With a new cycling season approaching, Pearl iZUMi is launching fresh glove designs with an emphasis on streamlined comfort. The new Pearl iZUMi ELITE and PRO gel cycling gloves are crafted around 3D-shaped gel palm pads, reducing bulk and eliminating hard edges to avoid irritation.

To maximize the comfort benefits of the new gel pads, Pearl iZUMi picked AX Suede for their synthetic palm material. AX Suede is engineered and stitched to resist bunching up, allowing for a secure grip on the handlebars. Its polyester construction provides an athletic fit with superior four-way stretch and shape retention. With engineered breathability enhanced by perforated patterning, AX Suede gets the Elite Gel glove ready for a rough-riding spring.

The Pearl iZUMi ELITE and PRO Gel gloves are available for men and women, with full-finger variations available for the ELITE. For more, visit the Pearl iZUMi website.

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