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Clarino® Tirrenina™ x Native Shoes

Mon, April 06, 2020

The philosophy of Native Shoes is building products with the planet in mind. In one sense, this means defying the laws of nature with lightweight shoes that counter the constant tug of gravity. In another sense, it means respecting the planet’s ability to replenish its natural resources, foregoing animal leather and harmful manufacturing techniques with materials that are friendlier to our terrestrial neighbors and ourselves.

This made Clarino® Tirrenina™ the natural choice for the upper of the Native Apollo 2.0 shoe. Like all Clarino® materials, Tirrenina™ is a microfiber engineered to mimic the structure of natural leather but with added performative benefits. This includes lightweight durability, vibrant colors and custom perforations, empowering the moonwalking comfort and style of the Apollo 2.0. Tirrenina™ lives up to the Native Shoes material philosophy, using 35% less carbon dioxide emissions, 70% less water waste, and 99% less solvents in its manufacturing process.

Combined with upcycled EVA outsole materials for an interstellar bounce, the Native Apollo 2.0 is an athleisure shoe that makes life on Earth feel just a bit lighter. Find the Apollo 2.0 on the Native Shoes website, and learn more about the Clarino sustainable range of products.