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Ergodyne ProFlex 810 Work Glove with AX Suede Palm

Thu, May 10, 2018 Ergodyne ProFlex 810 with AX Suede Palm

AX Suede is an industry-leading palm material with one of the best abrasion-resistance levels on the market. So it’s no surprise that Ergodyne, a manufacturer known for innovative safety gear, would select AX Suede for the palm of its ProFlex 810 work glove.

The Ergodyne ProFlex 810 employs AX Suede reinforcements on the palm and thumb saddle, protecting the hand while providing a secure, stable grip. Its thin but durable construction works jointly with the glove’s poly mesh backing to keep the hand cool and comfortable. This creates a versatile glove suitable for landscaping, mechanics and other heavy-duty jobs.

Matmarket’s range of technical materials is dedicated to making the workplace safer and more productive. Learn more about the many applications of AX Suede’s synthetics.