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Hestra JOB DuraTan Work Glove with AX Suede Palm

Tue, May 15, 2018

The Hestra JOB DuraTan work glove is flexible in both fit and utility. For the palm material, Hestra JOB selected AX Suede, a versatile synthetic leather with superior abrasion resistance. AX Suede helps the DuraTan glove fulfill its design to meet a variety of challenges on the job.

The reinforced padded palm of the Hestra JOB DuraTan ensured comfort and dexterity while handling heavy loads and power tools. AX Suede’s lightweight properties work alongside the spandex mesh backing to keep the hand cool and dry. With classic leather style, the glove fits every task from gardening to construction.

AX Suede materials are built to perform when grip and durability are needed most. Discover more gloves powered by AX Suede.