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Insite® Precision Insoles

Fri, December 15, 2017

With Insite®, benefits begin with step one. Just as a sail’s tack angle determines its ability to optimize the wind’s power, Insite Insoles draw on the proprietary FCX Shape to maximize energy throughout the body’s gait cycle. 

We collaborated with a team of podiatrists who serve the world’s leading athletes, ultimately creating a consumer insole with features and benefits previously only available to professional athletes. Data from more than 120,000 foot scans guided our efforts. The result: an insole that behaves more like a custom orthotic than any product available today. 

Insite Insoles have changed the game. Instead of addressing foot-related issues with insoles that conform to the foot and give the illusion of support, Insite challenges improper foot alignment head-on to elevate performance and reduce future injuries.

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