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Insite® x adidas Codechaos Golf Shoe

Mon, March 23, 2020

The golf course is an unpredictable landscape, from varying terrain to volatile weather. Improving your game means gear that can wrangle the chaos. The adidas Codechaos uses cutting-edge design and data-driven technologies to empower a player’s skill and poise in any course condition.

The Codechaos uses Insite® Technology insoles for performance based on thorough scientific research. It combines with adidas Fitfoam cushioning for maximized comfort and reduced fatigue. The footbed materials are lightweight to aid the Codechaos’s athletic fit. Insite® provides enhanced support and traction, complementing the responsive spikeless outsole for a secure stance.

The result is a shoe that brings strategy and control to the fluctuating realities of the golf course. The adidas Codechaos is available now through the adidas website. Explore more products powered by the data-driven design of Insite®.