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Loffi Cycling Gloves with AX Materials

Fri, February 15, 2019

The creators of the Loffi cycling glove are on a peace mission. Their goal is to bury the hatchet between cyclists and drivers, eliminating road rage with one simple glove design. On the surface, Loffi is a high-performance glove with a comfortable minimalist design. Give a stranger a wave hello, and the palm reveals a padded smiley face, made to disarm even the most curmudgeonly passer-by.

The Loffi may be happy-go-lucky, but the materials keep things serious. Beneath the big grin is a durable layer of AX™ Suede from AX Materials. Its high abrasion and advanced dexterity match the smiling pads for a cozy, lasting grip on the handles. AX™ Suede also wicks moisture to keep the glove warm and chipper on grey, rainy days. Combined with touchscreen compatible fingers, AX™ Suede helps the Loffi glove spread good vibes along shared roads.

The Loffi glove has enjoyed a successful Kickstarter and is now available in their online store. Learn more about how AX™ Materials are making hands happy.

UPDATE November 19, 2019: Loffi is celebrating their first birthday with the new Loffi 2.0. This new multi-season version adds stylish stripes to the signature smiley face, while adding AX™ Suede Connect for touchscreen capabilities. In addition to the 2.0, Loffi has launched kids’ versions and lightweight liners.