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Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves™

Tue, April 28, 2015

Crack climbing is a rigorous sport, requiring hand protection that is both supple and strong. Climbers often improvise gloves through an intricate ritual of athletic tape wraps, but the results are ephemeral and costly over time. So Outdoor Research decided to offer a more long-lasting solution with the new Splitter Gloves™.

Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves™ use AX Suede™ as their base material. AX Suede™ is thin enough for the hand to properly jam, while durable enough to provide the protection climbers demand. Outdoor Research chose the material for its minimal stretch, breathability and comfort against the skin. The glove combines AX Suede™ with a synthetic non-slip leather and clips into a carabiner with ease.

Learn more about the Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves™ from speed climber Hans Florine. The gloves are now available at the Outdoor Research website.