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Pearl Izumi Pulaski Riding Glove with AX Laredo

Thu, July 11, 2019

The Pearl Izumi Pulaski is a cycling glove with the heart of a work glove, built for riders who literally blaze their own trails. The synthetic leather paneling in the palm couples with stretch nylon, creating a sleek hybrid that handles steering, digging and brush clearing with equal dexterity.

Powering the palm of this tenacious glove is AX Laredo®, an engineered leather from AX Materials™ with superior abrasion resistance. Built specifically for gloves, AX Laredo® easily meets the challenge of providing the lightweight, durable benefits of two separate glove categories. Combined with relentless grip potential, AX Laredo® makes the Pulaski the obvious choice for intrepid cyclists.

The Pearl Izumi Pulaski glove is available now through the Pearl Izumi website. Discover more gloves with the multipowered benefits of AX Materials™.