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Plex Foam Composites

Fri, April 27, 2018 Plex Composites - Shoe 3D Rendering

Plex is a flexible foam composite developed to fuse with other surface materials, creating new synergistic material packages that enhance the strength and performance of the end product. The result is a material innovation that simplifies manufacturing solutions and customizes the aesthetics of the product design.

Plex foam is available in three variations, each made for specific application categories. The original Plex Core is versatile and adaptable, combining with mesh, textiles, films and leather for a wide array of product applications. Neoplex is formulated for high elongation and recovery, ideal for equipment braces, footwear booties or any product made for a close fit. Aerplex is built to withstand the vulcanization process during manufacturing, while maintaining its breathability and elasticity.

Plex composites are suitable for a wide range of applications, from footwear, equipment and technical apparel, to medical devices, automotive and interior design. As a material source consultant, Matmarket is excited to add Plex to its line of high performance materials.

To learn more about Plex foam composites, visit the Plex website.