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Sombrio Prodigy Bike Glove with AX Suede Palm

Tue, May 29, 2018 Sombrio Prodigy Bike Gloves with AX Suede Palm

The Sombrio Prodigy bike glove features a sleek, minimalist design powered by durable materials. Its no-nonsense construction is made to guarantee a secure handlebar grip over rough trails and risky jumps. To that end, the Sombrio Prodigy employs the reliable control of an AX Suede palm.

The engineered benefits of AX Suede provide Sombrio Prodigy wearers with confidence on their ride. Its advanced stretch and recovery allow for an athletic, second-skin palm fit, while its low moisture uptake ensures comfortable wear in wet conditions. The Sombrio Prodigy builds AX Suede into a pre-curved, multi-paneled design for added padding and grip assistance.

AX Suede is one of many high-performance materials that Matmarket connects with apparel manufacturers. View more products featuring AX Suede synthetics.