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Under Armour Engage Lacrosse Glove with AX Suede Palm

Tue, April 24, 2018

The Under Armour brand is known for cutting-edge performance in both product design and technical material selection. For the palm material of the UA Engage lacrosse glove, they chose to use AX Suede material for a grip that reflects its high standard for athletic innovation that elevates the product’s performance.

The AX Suede palm keeps the UA Engage lightweight and close to the skin, giving the player enhanced tactile control of the stick. Its seamless design eliminates friction against the hand for maximized comfort, working in tandem with the glove’s engineered ventilation system to make sure the hand stays cool and responsive.

As a best-in-class material supplier, Matmarket makes sure the quality and innovation of each material adds value to the products they’re featured on, and AX Suede is no exception. See other products made with AX Suede.